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Managing Partner
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Meet our Managing Partner Ms. Cindy!

    A friendly ball of fire that is full of wisdom, warm smiles and laughter, Cindy embraces her role at Wellness as her 2nd Career after "SEMI-Retiring" from being an actively practicing Accountant for almost thirty years!


    Passionate about the wealth & health of today's busy woman, Cindy (The Busy Woman's Cheerleader) is an Author and Certified Holistic Wellness Coach. She holds degrees in both Accounting & Business Administration; is the Founder of A Grateful Mind Int.; the former Founding Chapter President of the Central FL Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women (now IAW). A member of Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society and an affiliate in a host of  entrepreneurial, and finance associations.


    Humbly deeming herself as "just Life -Time Learner", Cindy is also NCEA and 2x Advanced Body Sculpting Certified, Cryo Certified & Lipo Fat Cavitation Certified. A sincere & genuine person that is excited to host our upcoming training classes and continue building leaders from various walks of life!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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