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All of our services are non-surgical and require no down time.

It is always best to have an understanding of any procedure you're considering. We provide personalized consultations prior to treatments to ensure you are a good candidate for your choice and are set up for success!

Start a new relationship with yourself ...Today.

Affectionately known as Laser Lipo is a non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses radio frequency to melt away fat under the skin.Before now, removing these annoying pockets of fat, loose skin, and cellulite required surgery followed by painful and uncomfortable recovery - taking up to two weeks  or more out of your time to fully recover. With Laser Lipo, targeted fat is destroyed, the procedure is painless; with no downtime, scaring or bruising to deal with; and best of all the heat triggers the body’s natural wound healing process, which increases the body’s natural collagen production and creates firmer, tighter skin over time as fat is converted into liquid which is then naturally eliminated through sweat and urine!  Treatments range from 30 to 60 minutes and results are often seen prominently after the 3 or 4th session.

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Butt Lifting & Enhancement

A safe non-surgical, non-invasive butt lift procedure that allows the client to restore and increase buttocks volume utilizing their own fat. It usually eliminates toxins and improves lymphatic drainage by breaking down fatty deposits and cellulite and stimulating muscles. You can immediately resume your normal activities after the treatment. 60-90 minutes per treatment is recommended.

A non-invasive slimming technology to help you shape the body you want!
What is Cryoskin? Cryoskin is a device used to reduce inches and smooth skin. Clients can see results after one session, but best results after about 5 sessions. Read more...

Radio Frequency


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (also known as Ultrasonic Cavitation) destroys  fat cells, tightens the skin and improves tone, without any pain or downtime!

The treatment involves radio frequency technology to offer a non-invasive, pain-free body treatment for targeted fat loss to aid in reducing desired  fat, reduce the appearance of cellulite, firm skin, boost collagen production and tackle any stubborn fatty deposits that won’t budge with exercise or lifestyle changes. The fat released triglycerides fragments into triglycerides that are expelled via the urinary system. What’s even greater is that Radio Frequency Skin Tightening comes with the guarantee that you won’t need any recovery time and is FDA approved after all.

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Vacuum Therapy is a technique that is used to promote health and healing by: loosening soft tissue, connective tissue, scarring and adhesion; moving stagnation and increasing lymphatic flow and circulation.

It is used also interchangeably at WE Spa with body care treatment to aid with:

Weight Loss/Cellulite Reduction/Tones and Smooths Skin

Increases Metabolism/​Improves Blood Circulation/Increases Lymphatic Drainage.This therapy is non-invasive and utilizes cups and vacuum suction.

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