Complete Wellness with Cindy!

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Hi Beautiful People! 

I am Cindy - the visionary behind Wellness by Envision Holistic Body Boutique!

As many of you know, this is my second career as Certified Wellness Coach with the Holistic Approach AND YOUR Personal Busy Woman's Cheerleader and I am sooo enjoying them both!

In mid to late August you'll be able to join me on our new Youtube channel, "Complete Wellness with Cindy" and we're going to be talking about ALL THINGS BUSY WOMAN! I'm going to be sharing new info each Wednesday on work, life, balance, holistic remedies, wellness tips and so much more! And SIDEBAR: I'm even going to slip in a little information from my upcoming book that I really thing you're going to find helpful.

You all are very special to me, and I have noticed that many of you beautiful women are overwhelmed, having lost your zest for life due to being swallowed in the clouds of helping everyone else and forsaking yourself. Well, that's why we've decided to expand my duties into another dimension so that I can personally teach you on a more granular level how easy it is to re-discover (or discover:) your power, passion and purpose and live out the rest of your days holistically happy, healthy and whole!

You are so important & so deserving of time for care & attention while you maneuver your busy day. I hope my Coaching sessions and Wellness channel will be the inspiration for you see all the possibilities & opportunities that are still available for you in this lifetime - free of the stress you often feel from the time your day starts; but most importantly that you see yourself evolve into the best version of YOU!

I believe our time together will help you. Remember to like, subscribe, share & hang around a while - I promise to make it worthy of your time.

Virtual Hugs~

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