Experience the softer side of skin! 


Include a Dry Brush in your skincare essentials to aid in exfoliating your body's skin to uncover a natural, healthier glow.


Did you know that Dry Brushing can help removed dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow in the targeted area? This is because when the blood flows to a particular part of your body, it contains oxygen which provides a glow from within while removing toxins. Dry Brusing may also aide in:

  • Increaseing your skin's natural ability to produce collagen
  • Increasing your lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing the appearance of cellulite & stretch marks
  • Removing Toxins
  • Help soften fat deposits under the skin to help them distribute them more evenly


As with any skin treatment therapy, remember to go easy on your self. Mild circular strokes generally does the job, as you never want to scrub your delicate skin so hard that you scratch or bruise the skin you're trying to repair.


....Love The Skin You're In...again.


Boars Dry Brush

  • Do you have to dry brush with Brazilian Bottom Balm to see results?

    No, as with anything it is a choice. Though we do recommend our Brazilian Bottom Balm be applied after dry brushing to aid in healing and moisturizing the targeted area it is not a vital to your skin's success.